Sunday, March 04, 2012

Culinary Crochet: Cupcakes

Shortly after I taught myself to crochet a year ago on YouTube thanks to a very nice lady name Teresa who posted a ton of how-to videos (you can too, click here), I had the sudden inspiration to stray away from the first thing I had learned, which was hats.  For some unknown reason I still can't quite explain, I could not shake the persistent idea I wanted to make realistic food out of yarn.  That little idea sent me on a search around the internet, until I was shocked to discover there is a whole crochet genre subculture out there called amigurumi, where you make dolls, animals, and sometimes realistic food using crochet and then stuffing them so they take on a three dimensional shape.  The first pattern I found was for some adorable cupcakes.  I just fell in LOVE with them, they were so cute and tasty looking.

The free pattern for these cupcakes is found here
In no time at all I had a platter full of yummy looking cupcakes.  First I made them all "devils food" but shortly after I did "vanilla" ones and even some "red velvet" ones (not pictured).  It was fun to mix the frosting colors with the cupcake flavors.  

These would make adorable pin cushions and I did a few that way using colored straight pins  through the top layer and they became the "sprinkles".  The other option is they make a great play kitchen food.  My girls instantly had these on a pan in their pink kitchen and having cupcake tea parties as soon as I'd get one finished.  

These could also make a lovely birthday present for a friend to keep around her desk (but with none of those pesky calories that normally come with baked goods).  This was my first attempt at crochet food, and since then I have done many more food items, (donuts, cheeseburgers, tea and cocoa cups, fried eggs and bacon, carrots) which I will share with you in future posts.  It has been fun to try and get them as realistic looking as possible.


Anonymous said...

can you share the how to's pattern for these so cute if so email me

Jenn said...

Yes! Sorry I should of posted the pattern link. I will also email it to you. Thanks so much and happy cup cake making. :)

Unknown said...

Could you please email me the pattern link for "Culinary Crochet: Cupcakes", Please?
My email is
Thank you very much.

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