Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chocolate Chewy Brownie - mix

If you are a Costco shopper like I am, there are great many things you can buy in gigantic quantities.  Who really needs 20 gallons of mayonnaise?  To this day I'm still not quite sure.  However; one of the best things that was ever invented for bulk consumption by far is the six-pack, triple chocolate chunk Ghiradelli brownie mix.  

The only trouble is, both of their recipes on the back make pans of big soft cakey fall-apart brownies, which could be technically classified as an "abomination" in my book.  I have found a way to take the same brownie mix but turn them into fudgy, chewy, stupendous, slap your grandma type brownies. Brownies people at parties will ask you the recipe for. Brownies you'll be tempted to eat the entire pan by yourself standing at the stove while they still cooling. Feast your eyes upon this:

You need an ice cold glass of milk just looking at this, don't you.
I'm not sure what the fine people at Ghiradelli are thinking, other than their ultimate sinister goal would be for you to use twice as much brownie mix as you actually need.  The first recipe puts an entire mix into a small 9x9 pan (which equals cakey brownies) and the second recipe makes you put two full bags into a 9x13 pan (again making them thick and cakey).  Boo.  Do not be a lemming.  Follow me.  Here's what I do:

Take 1 bag of brownie mix, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of oil, and 2 Tablespoons water.  Mix together gently with a spoon.  My mom once told me to only stir brownies about 40 times and not to over-mix. My girls love counting to 40 with me.  What's not to love about education and chocolate holding hands?  That's right, nothing.  Make sure the ingredients are incorporated together well.

Spray a 9x13 pan with some cooking spray.  That's right, take that Ghiradelli people, one package and (gasp) a 9x13 pan, what are you gonna do about it?  Are the gourmet chocolate police on their way?? You going to lock me up in a chocolate prison?  Oh... wait.. that sounds nice.  Can you lick the walls there?  Well let's do that. I digress.. Where was I?  Oh yes, my contraband 9x13 pan...

Spread out the thick mixture in a sprayed (Ghiradelli defiant) 9x13 pan.  It will seem like it might not be enough to cover the bottom but trust me, it oozes and spreads out just fine if you go nice and slow.  After that, pop it in the oven at 350ยบ for 30 minutes.  That's it.  What comes out is thin and fudgy, and triple chocolatey goodness.  And the corners?  Well I could write sonnets about the corners.  They are my favorite part.  They get all chunky and sometimes you have to work really hard to chew them (technically it burns more calories that way, don't you love my logic).  I love corners so much that once I bought a pan that was all corners. Hey, speaking of fuzzy logic, or fuzzy math.  If you make the brownies this way, you will get 6 full pans out of one box of brownies (If you wanted to make 9x13 pans their way, you'd only get three total)

chocolatey goodness in every bite!
So next time you are at Costco, pick up a box of these.  They are so easy to whip up in under an hour, great to bring to any gathering. I have totally memorized the easy ingredients and cook time/temp and can crack these out for any last minute get together with friends.  Top with powdered sugar (when cooled), or serve along side a scoop of chocolate chip mint ice cream.  For my brother's birthday a few days back we topped the whole pan with whip cream and doused it with fresh raspberries and blueberries (see more healthy stuff) and it was absolutely delicious. So get out there and defy the Ghiradelli big wigs and start enjoying your fudgy chewy brownies today!


Brenda said...

I love it when you use the word "abomination" :-P

D.Leo, OutOfTheBox said...

I just typed in "chewy brownie mix," and I found you. (Cherubs giggling in the parting clouds -- one ray of light falls on your post.) Anyway, just wanted to give some props to you, from one brownie lover to another. Check out my brownie blog at! Would love to like you on FB; are you there?
-Denise Leo, Global Brownie Ambassador

TLeduc said...

We loved this hack of the Ghirardelli mix and we love chewy brownies!! So good! I added some white chocolate chips to fool anyone who may think it was the mix :) They were fooled, said best ever. We topped with this for a decadent treat! I will never go back to the box recipe again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. They are in the oven now. Keep posting ;)

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