Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Easy BBQ Pulled Pork - Crockpot

Do you ever go digging around deep in your freezer, and way in the back you find a hunk of frozen meat you should probably use up soon?  Well I found a very nicely sealed pork butt (I believe they come in a pack of three at Costco) and it had been in the freezer for an undisclosed amount of time. It was a long enough time that I had totally forgotten how I had cooked the first two). Not to let a good thing go to waste, I went searching online for the best way to use this cut of meat, and decided to try out the best looking recipe I could find for you.  Needless to say it was easy, cooked all day in the crock pot, and pulled apart quite easily -  all saucy and yummy  and ready to pile up on fluffy slider buns.

BBQ pulled pork in the crock pot - YUM

You only need of few common ingredients that you probably already have on hand. I found this recipe here.

1 (4 lb) pork butt
2 cups of chopped celery
1 onion chopped (or half bag frozen onions) 
1 cup of Ketchup
1 cup of BBQ Sauce
1/2 cup water
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp chili powder (optional - did not use)
1 tsp of seasoned salt and pepper to taste 

Start dumping things into a crock pot: 2 cups of chopped celery and 1 chopped onion

 Next add a cup of ketchup and a cup of BBQ sauce (your favorite)

Next add in 1/2 cup of water, the garlic powder, chili powder, seasoned salt and black pepper to taste.

It always feels better if you put a few fresh ingredients in
Stir that around until you get an official looking "sauce"

Hey!  That's looking promising
Place the thawed pork butt in the crock pot and push some of the sauce over it.

Cook on low in the crock pot all day 7-8 hours until you can pull the meat apart with a fork.

I jabbed it with a fork there at the top and could see it was ready for shredding.
It should shred easily and this cut of meat has very little fat, but I pulled the pork out on the plate and skimmed off any undesirables from the sauce before putting the meat back into the pot and shredding it.

Smokey, tangy, juicy BBQ pork heaven.
It shreds very easily and the sauce gets incorporated throughout all of the meat as soon as you start stirring.  Do a little taste test here.  If it needs more seasoned salt, or a little extra straight BBQ sauce, this would be the time to do it. 

Next, pile up some BBQ meat on a soft little slider bun. The beauty of sliders is that you can have more than one! Any party that has tiny sandwiches is a win win in my book.

BBQ pork sliders!  Easy party food!
After that the work is all done.  Keep the crock pot on low to keep the meat warm, and let the guests serve themselves. This works great for a large gathering, and this recipe easily doubles if you are serving a bigger crowd.

BBQ pork sliders - makes a fun meal
This also works great on a regular week night just feeding the family.  Throw things in the crock pot in the morning, and return to deliciousness at dinner time.

I like my meat to slider ratio - equal parts meat and soft bun
Everybody seems to love these little babies.  It also makes great left overs (if you have any, that is). Store the meat in a plastic container and save a couple of extra slider buns and take it to work for a fun lunch. 


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