Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Day Mad Libs

Well it might come as no surprise to most of you, but I am in charge of crafts and merriment at most of our family gatherings.  The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is no exception, and I have amassed many years under my belt now of creating fun for the wide age range of kids (including all the grown ups who are really just big kids at heart) that make up our family. Whether it be fun tablecloths they can color on, turkeys made from Oreos, sparkly foam turkey crafts, or Popsicle stick Pilgrims and Indians, we have had ourselves a good time each and every year.

Last year I found a fun Thanksgiving Mad Libs on line and all of the kids were finally old enough to fill in the blanks with nouns and adjectives.  We had a blast creating the zany stories, but even more hilarity struck when the stories were read back to the whole family.  There were belly laughs, coughing attacks, and tears shed we were laughing so hard.  When I asked my girls what they wanted to do this year with their cousins, besides Thankfulness Turkeys,  they wanted to do the "funny stories" again.  I went off in search of a new set of Mad Libs this time around, only because I didn't want to use the exact same story as last year. Alas, I couldn't not find anything I liked, so, I created my own this weekend, and I thought I'd share it with all of you.  Click here for a free PDF of this file, print as many as you want and hand them out to the family at your Thanksgiving celebration, then sit back and watch the good times roll in.  By the way, this a great way to get not only kids, but teens and adults to all do an activity together. 

You have to remember that Mad Libs are the most fun, if you fill in the blank words blindly.  This can be done in two methods.  First, have one person hold the Mad Libs above, and have someone else give you answers as you go along.  That way, they have no idea what words go with what, and it makes it a much funnier read in the end.  The other way (especially if you want to play too without seeing the story) is to have only the answer sheet in front of you.  Fill it out and THEN add your answers to the story.  I have made a master list/blind answer PDF as well.  Click here to print it out.

How easy is that? (Do I sound like Ina Garten or what)  Just print these babies out and bam, you've got a fabulous Thanksgiving group game covered.  Be careful though, once you show up with such awesomeness, you might be asked to be in charge of holiday games from here on out.  That's okay, I've got you covered.  Check back every year, I will always try and have new ideas.

If you end up with a hilairous mad lib version of this story, feel free to post it in the comments.  If you want to share this PDF on pinterest or online, please point a link back to my blog.  Thank you so much, enjoy!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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