Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Brought to you by the letter "H"

So, I suppose we have a little Zorro bandit among us. She's tiny, she's blonde, and she loves loves loves the letter H. Don't know quite why this is her favorite letter, it's not in her name, it's not the easiest letter to make, but still she can't seem to stop making it. Every piece of paper she can get her hands on has a letter "H" on it... and it doesn't stop at paper. She has decorated numerous other household objects including a chair, a pantry door, even made an "H" out of left over jelly from her PB&J. Even though I am very careful to put all the crayons high, up and away, and out of reach, one must of slipped under the radar because after being alone for mere seconds she was able to scrawl giant 3-foot high tribute to "H's" all the way up the staircase wall in blue crayon. That's right, that was plural "H's"... as in more than ONE. Matter of fact it was three blue "H's" and then some kind of large "Q" and "V" together. On the one hand I was quite proud, impressed even. Here she is only three, we've been working on our letters for only a little while, but she's making some mighty fine "H's" and with such a boldness to boot (as in the 3-foot height). Then again, it WAS on the wall. Not so good. Thank goodness for the magic clean eraser or we'd be in a lot more trouble than we already are.

Matter of fact, I am typing this very blog on a computer monitor that is now scribbled with letter "H's" in pencil, as she recently discovered they write just as good as crayons on things. Underneath the monitor is some scribbles and also the first four letters of my daughter's name. Again, impressive, it's the first time she's put all the letters in order together by herself. Sometimes I wish I was three again, the whole world my canvas. When I summoned her to ask "who did this"... I got the innocent look and the shrug... "I don't know"... then when I looked at her more quizzically she fessed up. I then have to give the obligatory mommy lecture on "we only write on paper", while never letting on I'm just as equally impressed with her first and hilariously brazen attempts at the English language. It's quite the double edged sword. A sword that scrawls an "H".

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Folk Guitar Hero

So shortly after purchasing the Wii, I received Guitar Hero, legends of Rock as a birthday present. Being a musician I thought, hey, piece of cake. Well the first couple of plays were embarrassing at best. Turns out plasma's can throw off the audio/video sync and you need to calibrate the lag for your specific TV. Once we did that, it was like a new game! I got 145 notes in a row on the very next song. It really felt like I was really playing the song now. Then I made quick work of the different levels, passing all of easy, all of medium, and most of hard. I am a guitar genius. Woo and who. Look at me beating Slash and whoever the heck Tom Morello is. Look at me dropping to hell and beating Satan (Lou they call him) on his own turf! That is one of the minor draw backs of the game. They are all rock songs (not my favorite genre) and though most of the songs are catchy and fun, others are a little too "heavy" for my tastes. Oh the other trouble is, just ask my three year old what her favorite new songs are now... she gleefully pipes up every time, "Paint it Black" and "Welcome to the Jungle". Argh! She thinks the first one is about arts and crafts and the second one is about animals. She has a very eclectic repertoire now thanks to us (even though we try to play after bedtime or when they are preoccupied). She just picks up music so FAST. I was thinking of making her a CD of all her favorite selections and boy would they span the gamete. From Cedarmont Kids Jesus love's the little one's like me, to country, to Sesame Street, to her new love of classic rock. When we first pop on the Wii she happily asks... Mama, are you going to rock?? While my 2 year old find's the guitar and hands it to me, my personal little roadie and groupie, ain't they cute?

So this leads me to plead with the fine people at Nintendo to make up some different genres for this very very cool game. They could do a country one, an 80's one, even a Christian one or a Disney one for families. I'm terribly torn here. The game is rockin and so fun... I'm waiting for that fateful day when I see "Folk Guitar Hero" on the shelves. Come on science.
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