Monday, March 12, 2012

Chain reaction weekend

So sorry for the delay in posting this weekend.  I have 3-4 things to share but alas there was a chain reaction of a home improvement downward spiral that took the entire weekend to do.  It has  happened before in the "Plasma TV chain reaction" of 2007.  This time we sold a very large piece of exercise equipment that had been taking up half our spare room for years.  (In our defense, we bought it before the P90X craze where all you need is a pull up bar and some resistance bands).  After we sold it, the whole room was open to new possibilities.  That lead to cleaning out closets, deep cleaning the whole room, getting rid of bags of stuff, then deciding to paint, prep for paint, move heavy furniture, including a heavy computer desk and unloading 2 large book shelves of books to  make them light enough to move, then purging/sorting through books to sell, donate, or keep.

After painting (I have some great painting time saver tips to share in an upcoming post) we moved things back, cleaned some more, moved cabinets from the hall into this room, and cabinets in this room down the hall to make some extra towel/blanket storage.  This then led us to reorganize all towels, sheets, comforters, old baby blankets. Ug.  Then back to the, room reorganizing book shelves, making a craft/color area for the kids... it was a crazy domino effect for sure.  We worked from Friday afternoon, to Sunday night late.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel now, thank goodness and the room is looking much better, not to mention we will be using it much more, hooray!  Still got a few things left; hang curtains, get some cute decorative storage boxes, hang some art, etc.  But I think we are on the right track.   

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