Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Craft: Doily Heart T-Shirt

Happy Valentine's Day!  I thought I'd post a quick craft I did yesterday for the girls.  I should clarify that I found it in Family Fun magazine last month and thought it was cute and I wanted to try it.  The link to family fun is here:  Family Fun Doily T-Shirt  It is slated as a craft FOR the kids to do, but me being the perfectionist I am, really wanted them to turn out nice so I ended up doing these ones FOR the kids.  This is what you'll need:

Prewashed T-shirt (not shown)
Doilies  (got a 12 pack at Walmart for $1.89)
Glue stick
Fabric Paint (I used metallic and sparkle)
Round foam brush
Paper plate (not pictured)

So the directions state to lay out the T-shirt and put a layer of newspaper inside to protect it.  The next step was to take a glue stick and gently dab some glue on the back of the doily and that way it will stick to the t-shirt.  My only trouble was, I thought they might want to wear it today (Valentine's) and I thought they'd have glue still all over it and the fabric paint says to let it dry for 4 hours but not wash it for 72 hours.  So, I didn't use glue.  I found out shortly after why that would of been better, but I just decided to "go" with it.

Don't mind the left over pumpkin plate, it was a good way to pour out some paint in a few shades and different styles, like metallic and sparkle. I ended up blending them all together in the end for a pretty cool effect so it worked out great. OK so I just laid the doily right on the shirt (don't forget to put the newspaper inside the shirt).  The back of the doily kind of had some raised grooves in it that made it stick to the shirt a bit.  I got out my little rounded end foam brush and started dipping in the paint.

My original intent was to put on a layer of metallic paint for shine, then I was going to go back over it with a sparkle color for extra glittery fun.  What I found out was that after the doily started to get damp with paint it wanted to stick to the foam brush sometimes and pull UP off the shirt.  Not good.  I'm sure this is the exact reason they want you to use a glue stick, but I digress... So  in the end I just made sure I went nice and slow and tried to hold the edges securely so the doily stayed in place.  So this first shirt I did in only one paint kind, metallic.  It had a nice shimmer to it, so it still was plenty reflective when I was done.

The key to everything here is DON'T wait until the paint is dry.  Pull it up as soon as you are done.  I read this from another mom blogger and it worked like a charm.  Came right up and it turned out great.  I decided to add the word "LOVE" in the space left by the doily and throw in a few hearts here and there for the finished effect.

I also did it in two other colors, so that each girl would have the same design, but the color of their choosing.  I did add one thing however.  Besides the metallic and sparkle paint I also added a third sparkle only color called "multi" that was silvery and very shimmery.  I ended up blending them all together on the plate, and then at the very end I finished with more multi silver sparkle.  It really made the finished shirts shimmer in the light, but kept the deep colors underneath.

 I added in the "LOVE" and the other hearts at my daughters specifications.  Here's the final outcome:

They are still drying here but I think they turned out cute.  Also I like how this particular doily has a hidden Mickey Mouse silhouette on the inside of the main heart.  Maybe next time I'll even let my kids try this!

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