Saturday, February 25, 2012

Crochet: Barbie Spring Wardrobe Part II

Well in our last Barbie crochet post, my daughters were picking colors and designs for me to make dresses for them.  I whipped up a few more over the course of the last week.  I should remind you, the color schemes were designed by the minds of 4-7 year olds, which, as it turns out, is not such a bad idea after all.  My girls have mad design skilz, who knew?  OK so this was the black and white one I came up with for my middle child:

Classic 50's style dress with matching headband
This one turned out pretty classy.  My friend claims it is  so cute she would wear it and asked if I can make grown up sizes... hmmmm we will have to see about that.  The next style was dictated by my eldest, and she wanted a blue and purple Easter dress, so this is what I came up with:
Easter Dress Front                                                                                                  Easter Dress Back
Instead of doing black and white stripes, I just made one large purple stripe and added in some tiny pearls around to make it more fancy and "Eastery".  Also what Easter dress is not complete without a fancy hat?  So I made a simple hat to complete the ensemble. The next dress they wanted was a full length dress in the colors of the rainbow.  This one turned out very colorful

Pretty rainbow ball gown                                                            Close up of all the colors.  Love it!
So now Barbie is set for any future rainbow ball.  I like the scalloped "cloud" edge around the bottom of the dress.  Rainbows rock, good idea girls!

Here's all the latest Barbie spring fashions together on the runway
Oh and then right before press time, we had a late entry. My youngest informed me she wanted an all purple dress, so I cranked one out last night
         My first attempt at a "ruffle" dress                                                      Close up of the ruffle effect
I did two layers each of DC rows, and each time I started a new row, I tried to build it slightly behind the first row.  This left the top layer in tact, as I was hoping this would give it a three dimensional ruffle layered look.  All in all, I think Barbie has never looked so classy! 

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Samantha said...

Jenn, I used to have all sorts of crocheted barbie outfits that my late aunt had made. This brings back so many memories! Great dresses!

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