Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hot Lava Love

You know there are those time as a mom when you are tired, worn out, and plumb exhausted.  It is those exact times when one of your little ones crawls up into your lap and snuggles with you that can make all the difference in the world.  It can change your whole day, your whole outlook on life.  It can give you that boost of energy needed to carry on doing endless mundane tasks like dishes and laundry and dinner prep.  

So during one of those extra long days my youngest (she's 4) came up to me with a big grin on her face.  She was wiggling her fingers and said what I thought was, "Mama, I'm covering you with love.... I'm covering you with love".  Awww.  My heart just melted.  Like the Grinch I could feel it growing three sizes.  I could leap tall buildings with a single bound, I could do another load of laundry and get dinner ready with one hand tied behind my back!  All was right again with the world, thanks to my sweet and caring thoughtful daughter.
My heart, now filled with love and joy, thanks to the love of a child

 Really sweetie?  You love mama and are covering her with love?  Thank you so much that was so sweet of you to say... she then interrupts me.

NO Mama, not LOVE.... I'm covering you with hot LAVA.  She wiggles her fingers sneakily again at me "I'm covering you with hot LAVA, I'm covering you with hot LAVA" while beaming from ear to ear.

Oh... I see.  Well that's a little different.  Lava. Love.  Sure it almost sounds the same....  The first way I was covered with admiration, respect and adoration.  Now I'm covered with fire red burning magma from the center of the earth scorching everything in its path. Sure.  I can see how you would get those mixed up little one.  But she was so adorable in her wiggle finger lava covering I had to laugh anyway.  So now when I think of lava I think of my heart just melting... in a good way...

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