Thursday, September 20, 2012

Peach Mango Slurpee

We are still trying new ways to use our 2-quart ice cream maker.  We made root beer Slurpee/slushies with much success and it says in the directions you can use any liquid.  You can even use sugar free mixes such as crystal light or lemonade.  We are not Kool Aid drinkers are here, but we were at the store the other day and I though the girls could pick some flavors to try for the sole purpose of making some slushies.  Hey for $.10 cents a pack you can't go wrong there.  I thought the best flavor to try would be Peach Mango, mostly because it was lighter in color, and therefore, in my mind, less likely to stain gaint fake cherry smiles on their faces or worse, never come out of the carpet.

Cool and refreshing peach mango slushies
Simply make a pitcher of the Kool Aid like normal.  Pour 6 cups of the liquid into the pre-chilled inner canister (we freeze ours overnight or at least 12 hours so it is nice and cold), and turn the machine on.

A mango peach pool of deliciousness

After 20 minutes your drinks will be ready.  See how much it slushed up?

Did I mention you can slush up adult-type drinks in this same manner?

After that, gather your glasses and find a few straws.  (For the kids we used sippie type cups that came with lids and straws, great for the no spill factor).  Then high-tail it outside (especially if it's still nice and warm like it has been here the last month) and have a little treat.  Again, you can also make sugar free versions of this for guilt free enjoyment.  An alternative to this if you don't have an ice cream maker is to freeze the juice into ice cube trays, then throw them into the blender with a little extra juice, and pour into glasses.

I always think this frozen concoction is going to turn back into a liquid the second it gets out of the machine, but this stayed nice and "slurpeefied" for the 20 minutes it took to leisurely enjoy it.

Two peach mango slurpees - a nice little treat.  One for me, one for you!

So all in all I think this turned out pretty good.  The peach mango flavor was rather "light" in comparison to the slap your grandma grape or cherry flavors of yesteryear.  I can't even remember the last time I had Kool Aid, but this was a great way to make a special treat out of it.

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Meg said...

This looks great - can't wait to follow! :)

(I also want to make your mac and cheese I saw on pinterest!!)

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