Sunday, August 05, 2012

Rootbeer Slushies

Well it was a rare summer event that just happened here in Washington.  We had some 85- 90ยบ days back to back, AND that just happened to occur over a weekend to boot!  What?!  Well tis true and to celebrate this hot day I thought I would give you the absolute easiest thing you can do with your Cuisinart 2-Quart Ice Cream Maker.  That's right!  Anyone want a root beer slushie? I thought so!

A delicious cool and refreshing root beer slushie!
First of all you only need ONE ingredient.  That's right you heard me.  All you need is 6 cups of any liquid.  That can be Kool-Aid, ice tea, any juice, and for you health conscience out there, you can do sugar free things too!  Diet soda, Crystal light, plain ol' lemon water (lol) whatever you wish. What we decided on was good old fashioned A&W root beer. Actually you can thank the little craft we did a few days ago, that fun homemade back yard sprinkler that needed an empty 2 liter bottle to complete.  Way to kill two birds with one stone I say... root beer slushies AND a way to cool down in the hot sun. Perfect.

This is my favorite kind of math.  Root beer, plus ice cream maker, equals this!


Simply pour 6 cups of your liquid into the chilled canister (it's best to freeze the inner canister for 12-24 hours before using) and turn the machine on.  That's it!  Then lovingly gaze at the swirling mass for about 20 minutes as your slushie slurpie comes to life. (we like to cover the top opening with an oven mitt, just to help keep it really cold in there by the way)

After that, scoop into some frosty glasses and enjoy your frozen concoction!  I thought these might melt into a puddle as soon as we got them in glasses, but I was totally surprised that they kept their slurpie-like texture for the entire time we were enjoying them.  Hooray!

Now sip one of these frosty beauties while the kids run through the homemade sprinkler in the backyard and you have it made in the shade!

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