Friday, August 03, 2012

Christmas in August - Start making gifts now (scarves)

In continuation with my last post about making hats on a circular loom, another great thing you can make is tubular scarves.  I know that sounds like something Bill and Ted might say on their most excellent adventure (Yah,that's totally tubular Ted), but these little round looms are perfect for making warm, colorful scarves to go with your hats you are making for friends and family.  You knit them "in the round" on these circular looms, which produces a "tube" of finished scarf, that wen laid flat will become a doubly thick and warm scarf.

You can use a simple Red Heart Supersaver Yarn in any color or varying color scheme, or if you get a fancier, fluffier yarn, such as the Rainbow Boucle yarn found at Joann's stores that will make an elegant, softer, feminine scarf (you can see this softer scarf in the middle picture above).  The technique on the looms is the same, so experiment and see what you like the best.  Here are links to my three youtube videos on how to make a scarf from start to finish on a round loom.

First is how to cast on and start your scarf

You can make an entire scarf with one skein of Red Heart yarn thread.  One color the whole way and you are fine.  If you want a little advanced tip on how to change colors along the way, then part II is for you.  (By the way, If you don't want to change colors, then skip to part three, finishing off and adding tassels).

The trickiest part of any scarf is how to take it off the loom.  The instructions for the loom don't even COME with how to do this.  I had to search many youtube videos to figure out how to do it the most efficiently and easiest, and then I tried to make my instruction video very clear and take things slow.  One lost loop in this stage, after hours or days of making a scarf can unravel your whole project.  Those who say think knitting is only a docile and quaint activity have no IDEA how very bad ass it really is.  It's safe to say I would have the exact same amount of stress dismantling a bomb as I would taking a yarn project off a loom! (No no.. cut the red wire NEXT to the blue wire... you get what I mean).  Here in the last video is how to not only successfully take your project off the loom, but how to add decorative matching tassels as well.

After following both my tutorials, you will have some wonderful matching hats and scarves to give to friends and family this holiday season.

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