Thursday, September 27, 2012

Have FUN With Your Pictures!

When you find something fun, that is easy to use, and makes life easier to boot, you want to share it with others.  This site I found happens to do fun, awesome things with your photos, and best of all it's free.  I am always on the lookout for how to make my blog pictures look more professional, especially when I am doing a demo that has a ton of steps.  I received a tip on this great photo website from another blogger, and it's called Big Huge Labs and you are going to love it as much as I do.

A custom rainbow mosaic I made at Big Huge Labs for my friend Rachel's birthday to post to her facebook wall
I know you are thinking, what's the catch?  Well you can use the website directly from your facebook and Flickr accounts.  This is great because you can access all the pics on these sites and have fun manipulating them.  You are more than welcome to do it that way, though I never really like logging in through public sites, just for security reasons.  They have a second option to register by signing up with your email. This will then allow you to upload full resolution pictures from your computer AND it will let you save your creations back on your computer. Once you create a masterpiece it will then allow you to save a really nice copy (usually around 600x400 or sometimes higher) on your computer.  Then upload them wherever you want.  A friend's facebook wall, email it to them, etc.  Again all of that is free and no spam mail or anything like that.  By the way I am not working for them or anything, just found a great site I wanted to pass on.  :)

They have many ways you can customize your pictures. My absolute favorite is the mosaic maker.  You can choose numbers of rows, columns, and they have some predetermined shapes too.  You can pick the color of the borders and how thick they are.  I will use mosaics a lot in my cooking demonstrations such as this:

You can make custom birthday greetings for friends and love ones on their facebook pages

This is my sister in law Jenny.  She loves super model hair flips, princess waves, and nacho cheese bugles!

You can change the border colors

You can make long step by step instructions for those pinterest posts:

And that is only ONE feature they offer.  You can select cool borders and frames for your pics, put special effects on them, make movie posters, add comic captions on your pics... I haven't even tried them all.  Just the mosaic maker is worth the email registration.  Here I just tried the caption maker:

Hey that was fun.  I can add Santa hats using that same "captioner" function

Ho ho ho it's Christmas in July
Oo I just tried the "billboard" option... choose from a sign on a street, a sidewalk, Broadway, or a forest Ranger sign.  Hilarious.

They do have some things on the website that you can buy.  Make custom calendars, coffee mugs, and high resolution prints of your creations for purchase, but seriously everything I've done over there has been free and really fun.  It's absolutely great if you are just going to use it on line for blogging, facebook friends, or any other kind of social media.  So go upload a photo right now and have some fun!  Thank me later.  :)

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