Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Warm Adult Hat on a Round Loom

Well it is officially fall around here!  Cooler temps, crisp autumn days, leaves starting to change colors, pumpkin flavors appearing in almost every coffee and baked good across the land...and soon thoughts will turn to keeping warm and dressing warm.  If you are going to be warm outside, you're gonna want and nice warm hat and scarf! (scroll to the bottom of the post for my BRAND NEW video tutorial!!!)

My dad, out walking his Golden Retriever Bella and wearing the hat and scarf I made him
A few years back I made some youtube videos about how to make a hat on round knitting loom for beginners

Looms can be fun... AND addicting. 
The videos have became incredibly popular, even more so between now and Christmas time. Making a hat and matching scarf can be fun, (addicting actually), and can easily become perfect presents to customize and make for your favorite people!  The great thing about the Knifty Knitter looms is that the technique for the smallest loom will work exactly the same on the bigger ones.  I recently made a new video, featuring how to make an adult-sized hat on the round loom (see below for video link).  Looms by the way, tend to come in a pack with four sizes:

You can find this 4-pack of looms in most craft sections of regular stores, or at craft stores for around $15
Hat wise, blue is for dolls and preemies, red is for toddlers, green is for teens and small adult heads, and yellow is for big hair or larger heads.  You can also use these same looms to make easy tube scarves with tassels.  If you have never shopped for yarn,you will find that the thick and fluffy yarn is pretty expensive.  I show a trick in my newest video on how to get a warm hat using two strands of some less pricey yarn, namely Red Heart yarn, which is available in almost every color of the rainbow, and found in even the local grocery store.  I was able to make a new hat for my dad using these looms, and I give you a start to finish tutorial on how to do that. Click play now for your personal making a hat on a loom lesson!

I thought I would pass this along now at the beginning of the season so you will have time to make yourself a few warm hats and scarves before the cold really gets here.  Plus if you get addicted (be forewarned! Once you learn how to loom knit you will want to make something for everyone you know) friends and loved ones could be blessed with warm things to wear.  

scarves and hats for all... even your dollies!
I have had people let me know via youtube comments that they also make hats for the homeless, and preemie babies in the NICU with these same techniques!  How cool is that!  Do you loom knit?  Let me know if you try these and feel free to show me projects you have completed.  Up next, I will try to make a video tutorial on how to make a cute Santa hat with soft white trim!  Enjoy.

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