Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kid's Table for Thanksgiving

So a few times this month (and even though it's early) I am going to post some holiday ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas, because sometimes you have to plan ahead to make a gathering extra special.  I just wanted to pass on this quick tip of these fun paper tablecloths that we have used for  the past few years at our kids table.  I am telling you about them now because if you wait until November to purchase them, they will be gone!  As soon as Halloween gets over, BAM it's Christmas time in all of the stores, and Thanksgiving is one holiday they like to skip.  If you have small fry (or some big kids at heart) in your family tree, then this is the perfect inexpensive way to keep them busy as the cooks in the family do food prep.

Mazes, tic tac toe, coloring, dot to dot, games, word searches - Genius idea!

We love this tablecloth!  You can find them packed like this for under $2:

We found ours at Walmart.  Right now there is a super huge Halloween section going on, but over by the birthday party supplies there is a tiny little section of Thanksgiving items.  Thanksgiving paper plates, cups, cookie cutters... and THESE tablecloths.  Run, don't walk and snatch yours up today.  All you need is a container of crayons and the kids will flock to the table (thus keeping them out from "underfoot" as they said in the days of old).

  Be mindful though, these will easily attract "big kids" too.

It lasted through cousin bonding...

It lasted through setting the table

It lasted through drumsticks

Jacob dreams all year of being the one who gets the huge turkey leg
It even lasted through more crafts!

and more crafts... (we are a crafty people)

And at the end of it all, we could just quickly scoop the whole thing up and the table was instantly cleaned.  It was a beautiful thing.  Now if you wait until November, these lovely little babies will be gone I tell you... GONE.  So if you want to add to your family fun in an easy and inexpensive way, you can't beat $2 dollars for all day fun.

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