Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Prayer

Here's a funny little pre-mother's day story for you:

It's the night before Mother's day and all through the house...

Just kidding.  But seriously, my girls are sitting no less than four feet behind me right now coloring feverishly my Mother's Day pictures and are begging me not to look.  They will then run with their finished masterpieces into their rooms to hide them until tomorrow morning.  I've been instructed NOT to get up too early tomorrow, that they have surprises for me.  I'm intrigued.

My thoughtful and philosophical middle child comes up to me in her jammies and her freshly brushed teeth right before bed and says, "Mama, will you pray for me? Sure honey.  She is often asking me to pray.  Pray that she will have happy dreams.  Pray for people we know that are sick.  She's a very sensitive soul that is always concerned for the welfare of other people.  She also is my deep thinker.  My observer.  My "asker of many questions".  Nothing is more precious (or sometimes entertaining) than the things she comes up with to talk to God about.

So I ask her sweetly... what would you like to pray about honey?

She says quite plainly... Will you pray that I forget this day forever?

Me:  What? (stunned)

Her: Will you pray that I never remember this day for as long as I live?

Me: (blinking and staring blankly, pausing)... what was wrong with today?

Her:  It was HORRIBLE.

Me: WHY was it horrible?  (I was thinking back over the day, she got to sleep in, then we went to my husband's family's mother's day BBQ/potluck where there was tons of food.  Her Grandpa had brought some extra large tricycles to ride, there were cookies, juice, and pop there. When we got home she got to play with a neighbor girl and her sisters, we had easy tuna sandwiches for dinner (her favorite) and she rode our spring horse in the shady back yard while her dad and older sister played a game. We spotted our first hummingbirds zooming around my "birthday tree" that is just coming into bloom with bright pink flowers. Then we all came inside, had homemade strawberry ice cream cones and watched a kid's show and got ready for bed).  In my mind, that sounds like a pretty good day.  But she is very serious.

Her:  Will you pray I never remember this day again.

Me: She is so dramatic and sullen.  Glancing over at my husband who is now in the doorway trying to stifle a giggle from sneaking out of the corner of his mouth.  

Me:  So I ask again... What made today horrible?

Her:  It was hot.  It was boring.  There was nothing to do.

Me: Remember all the fun we had today?

Her:  (now remembering) Oh okay, we had SOME fun... but I didn't like today... mostly because I didn't get to snuggle very much with YOU.

Me:  With me?

Her: Yes.  Please pray I only remember the days I get to snuggle with you.

Me: Wow.  Come on up here honey.  And we snuggled. 

We snuggled a lot. 

Then I secretly prayed that I would never forget this day...

Happy Mother's Day


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Jeanne said...

Like it!!

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