Thursday, May 23, 2013

Diamond Candles - Review

Well this year for Mother's Day, I received a bit of a surprise.  Mr. D gave me something I had never heard of before called "Diamond Candles".  What girl doesn't love candles... moreover, what girl doesn't love diamonds?

My "diamond candles" candle in the scent of carnival candy
Sure, on the surface it looks like a regular scented candle.  However, the "diamond" part of the title really comes into play when you realize what else this candle can do.   Because hidden inside every candle is a ring!  The ring can be anything from a piece of costume jewelry worth $10, up to a real piece of jewelry worth $100, $1000, or even $5000!  Say WHAT?!  I'm telling you this marketing strategy is GENIUS.  You are telling me there is jewelery hidden in the middle of this candle? Even costume jewelry can be cute. What woman is not going to want to burn that thing down as fast as possible to see what they have won.  It's like a CRACKER JACK BOX for women!  Well without further adieu, let's light this puppy up!  I decided to document my candle/ring unveiling for you.

the lighting of the wick
Now the waiting begins....

burn baby burn...
It's like waiting for water to boil I tell you.  Better yet, it's like waiting outside Mervyns in the dark begging it to "open open open". I was going to do a funny pictorial of me waiting for this candle to burn down.  Me in curlers... waiting.  Me making dinner... gazing at the candle.  Me washing dishes, staring at the candle.  By the way, this candle DOES have a very nice smell.  It is made of all-natural soy and burns pretty cleanly.  Okay, NOW we are getting somewhere.  After one evening, followed by a full day of burning the candle, we are getting much closer to the hidden jewelry!

hooray!  Finally.  Do I spot something gold and sparkly bobbing in the wax??
See that little gold disc 1/3 of the way down on the side of the jar?  Your ring is behind that.  I was mildly relieved that they were not sadists by burying it all the way at the bottom, because that would just be cruel.  I have heard many people (with less patience than I) will take a butter knife and dig that thing out of there the second they get the candle lit.

Ooo shiny thing alert!
I was pretty proud of myself for waiting until the ring started almost floating in the hot wax.  My girls had wanted to see this part so bad, but alas, it was very late by the time the ring actually appeared, and they were already in bed.  Be sure to blow out your candle, as we almost went digging with the flame still lit in our excitement.  Okay so Mr. D helped me fish this thing out with a letter opener.  It was pretty hot, so we had to let it cool down a bit... but LOOK, it's wrapped in gold foil like a piece of CANDY!

It is ring-shaped.  This is a good sign...
Now for the dramatic unfolding...  It's like that Christmas morning feeling.

Can you feel the excitement?

One more turn to go...

Wow, there really IS a ring in there.

Finally you get to the ring.  It's safely stored inside a little plastic bag.  The bag is a little slickery from the wax, but with a little trial and error you can get it out of there.  As you can see, (drum roll please....)

I got an Irish Claddagh ring with a light pink stone.

My, that was thrilling!
So my ring, you could tell right away was a $10 ring.  It was very pretty, a size 6, and actually had some heft to it.  I guess the rings can range from sizes 6-8 typically.  The anticipation and excitement of finding out what the ring would look like, or even what it might be worth, was pretty fun.  I guess if you have a ring with a 14k on the inside of it, it will be worth $100+ and they suggest you get it appraised at that point.

So there you have it.  This ring ended up being too small for one of my fingers and too big for the other one, so my eldest child, upon waking the next morning, immediately wanted to claim this ring as "hers".  I can see where someone would want to immediately order another candle (they have many scents to choose from) and try their luck again on a new ring. They have a facebook page and a pinterest page where you can look and see pictures of other people's finds.  All in all it was a fun experience.  A little disappointing the ring was not my style or size, but the waiting and wondering would make it a fun gift for any woman in your life. If you go in just expecting the costume jewelry it can be great fun.  These are priced about the same as a Yankee candle, and after the ring excitement dies off, you of course, still have a nice big candle to burn and enjoy.

By the way, I was not reimbursed or asked to do this review for compensation.  I simply received this as a gift for Mother's Day and wanted to blog an honest review about it.  :)  Have any of you tried this candle?  What did you get?  Anyone going to try this candle?  Let me know how it turns out.  :)


Unknown said...

Its sweet that the gift from your husband ended up being a Claddagh. Its a very special ring.

Thanks for the review. I've been debating getting one of these for my MIL and SIL for a while and I think I will now.

Shelley from

Krystal M. said...

I have a Diamond Candle myself and also bought one for my mom. It was so exciting waiting for the golden ticket as I like to call it appear! We both got the $10 rings, but it was so exciting it didn't matter. The candles smell AMAZING and totally worth the money spent. I will def be buying more!

Jane said...

I love my Diamond Candles! I am so addicted to them! I received two from my DIL for Christmas and just brought one into my office for a reveal (as I call it when you get to the ring). I got a Claddagh as well with a purple stone in it. I love it. Now all of the girls want to buy them. I tell you, I could sell them at parties, but alas, they don't do the party circuit yet. Love the company, love the candles, LOVE the rings!

Clorymalory said...

After a few months of trying unsuccessfully to win one from their facebook page, I finally bought 2. I was excited to see the email confirmation that they shipped. I am now anxiously waiting for their arrival and to start burning them. No expectations of anything other than costume jewelry but it would be exciting to get a real one.

Anonymous said...

I received the same Pink stone Claddagh ring. CUTE!

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy if I would just get my order. It's a special order for "Corbin" and it's been over a month since the initial order through FB/PayPal. I'm very disappointed that I have had to wait this long for this issue or that issue. Makes me wonder about the quality of the company. Most companies will not take payment until the order has been shipped
Anonymous and disappointed

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