Friday, January 04, 2013

Snowman Candy Box Thank You

I just had to share what my 5-year-old brought home as a gift from her Sunday school class last week.  It was so sweet and cute and I thought it would make the perfect little pick me up, or thank you to anyone you might know this month of January. Look how festive this snowman covered candy box is!

snowman covered candy with a cute mitten hat
Matter of fact this little guy was so adorable nobody has even had the heart to eat him yet.  He's been sitting on our mantle for the last week.  It dawned on me that if I wanted to make some of these I should research and see how he was put together.  I went in for a  closer look at him and it looks like they wrapped him around a box of...

snow caps for a snow man
Hey very clever, Sno-Caps.  I know you can get these at the $1 store so this makes this little present very affordable, not to mention you can tailor the candy for the recipient based on their likes.  The top of the snowman is adorned with a fuzzy pair of gloves (also from the $1 store) and tied with a simple thin ribbon.

A gift that is clever and useful... that's right up my alley

Around his middle was a black satin bow, making it look like a scarf.

I love you could change up the look by using fabric, plaid ribbon to make it more scarf-like
So now the only thing you need to make one of these is the free printable/downloads to pull it all together.  Of course you could just wrap some plain white paper around and draw your own snowman face and buttons on, but if someone wanted to make up a big batch of these I thought a print out would make it quicker.  I did a little bit of internet scouring and finally did come across a blog by Laurie Furnell that is offering the jpeg printable for free.  Hooray.  Not to mention you can resize it to cover other items such as microwave popcorn, life saver rolls, or a big candy bar.  She also has some cute pictures and variations you can do with the printable.  

Technical side bar:  By the way, once you get to her site and click on the link, it takes you to another site called Aimee Asher Boutique and it looks like you have to "buy" it or add it to your cart.  You have to sign in with name, email, address, click "checkout" but then it shows up as $0 and you can download it.  It is in the form of a zip file. If you have windows 7 you go to your downloads folder (after you have clicked download that is) and right mouse click on the zip file and hit "expand".  After a few seconds it will make a folder inside your downloads folder and you will see one labled "Laurie snowman Free", inside THERE is your free jpeg.  I little bit of a challenge to get to but I wanted you to know it was possible.  If you have any trouble, email me.  :)

So after that whip up a batch and hand them out to neighbors, baby sitters, dog walkers, receptionists, students.  Christmas of course is over but the spirit of giving should last the whole year through.

happy snowman candy box says take me home with you!
I'm going to remember this cute guy for next year, as I thought it would be a really cute gift the girls could give to their school friends and not break the bank.

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