Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Seashell Pearl Cookies

My daughter was in charge of snack for her preschool class.  This week the theme was "the ocean" and we have this really fun teacher that will let you bring creative snacks that go with the theme.  I was all geared up to do what I did a few years back with my middle child and bring clear cups full of blue jello with Swedish fish swimming inside.  But alas, the day before our turn at snack we show up, and there on the table, were some blue jello cups with gummy octopi in them. (Darn you pinterest, now everyone can be as creative as me).  So with only 24 hours to spare I searched the interwebs and found a wonderful ocean snack alternative. They turned out so cute I thought I'd share them with you.  Behold the very adorable seashell pearl cookies.

Seashell Pearl Cookies
These were fun and easy to make, and only used a few ingredients:  Vanilla wafers, pink frosting, and a yogurt covered raisin.

You can make your own homemade frosting or just dye some store bought frosting a nice shade of "inner oyster pink".  Spread smoothly over one vanilla wafer, careful to leave a bit of a frosting lump on one side.  I found scrapping my spreading knife off on one end left just the right amount of lump

Next spread frosting on another vanilla wafer

 Place the "pearl" aka the yogurt covered raisin right in front of your frosting "lump"

My daughter had the most fun putting the pearls in place
Then simply sandwich the cookies together at an angle, right where the frosting lump meets at the back.

Your seashell pearl cookie is almost complete
Repeat the process a few mores times and soon you will have a shiny row of happy clams looking up at you.

These would be so cute not only as an ocean-themed snack for preschool, but would be lovely sitting on a big platter at an under the sea party, a mermaid party, or even a pirate party.  Either that or give the kids a bowl of cookies and yogurt covered raisins and let them make their own seashell pearl cookies as the craft at the party.

After that we just lined them up in a 9x13 pan for safe travel and off we went to preschool.  Right before we walked out the door I had a moment of brilliance and dyed our accompanying milk a beautiful shade of aqua blue.

So that's it.  The teacher raved about the pearl cookies and especially the blue milk.  I was excited it was a snack they had never seen before. I was especially proud we made it into the weekly newsletter home.  Nice.

My girls loved the look of these cookies so much they had fun making their own after school snacks with all the leftovers for two days in a row.  

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