Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tips on How to Take Better Pictures

My guess is you are going to be taking a lot of pictures over the next week or two.  Pictures of kids, pictures of pets, pictures of friends and family doing lovely holiday activities. 

I just wanted to share a little video I made a few years ago for my MOPS group.  MOPS stands for Mother's of Preschoolers.  We made a zany little 10-step video on how average moms with an average point and shoot camera could take better pictures.  I'm no expert mind you, I took a couple of photography classes in college and then the hubs and have worked in television for years and are videographers by trade.  Many people however, have come back after watching this video and said the tips have really helped them out.  Simple tips for framing and lighting can really make a big difference in the finished shot.  You will forever and from now not be able to gaze at that giant amount of empty space above most people's heads in photos and not remember the term "dead cat room".  Feel free to check out the video.  (My friend Michelle and I get wackier and cheesier as the video goes on, hopefully you get our sense of humor.  We crack ourselves up.)

So just a few minor adjustments here and there, and your family photos could turn out a lot better this year!  Have a wonderful holiday season!

By the way, No stuffed cats or small children were harmed in the making of this video :)

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