Saturday, December 01, 2012

The Christmas Countdown Begins

Well, December is here and it's time again to start the countdown to Christmas.  Everyone seems to have their own special way to check off the days.  I just wanted to show you ours.  Every year the girls get so excited to pull out the "Santa down the chimney" Advent calendar.  

Each day Santa drops a bit lower down the chimney.
I got it a few years back in a catalog and they love running down the stairs each morning to pull the stick out to watch him drop.  He's so cute too, and they know when he gets to the bottom, it's Christmas Eve.

Ho Ho Ho... Go Santa Go

I have seen this still available around the web if you search "Santa down the chimney advent".  My only trouble now is I have three girls and one peg to pull a day.  To avoid spats I will secretly let whoever comes down first pull the peg, then stealthily put it back so the next one that wakes up gets her turn too.  We also do the chocolate window advent calendar... a classic.

Nothing more festive than getting to eat a small piece of chocolate every day!
Here's my tips for these.  HIDE them when not in use.  Many a child in the last few years has snuck into the stash and helped themselves to future days before being caught.  Then they sit in sadness as their siblings get to enjoy their daily chocolates and they get none.  It's very traumatic so I always get a few extra (in theory for hubby and me), but then if there is a tragic advent smorgasbord, I have a few on backup to "make the season bright" again (Supermom to the rescue).

I also saw a couple of cute advent countdowns you could do at home, including this santa beard with cotton balls.  Click here for the download.  Just print it out, have the kids color santa's face and hat, then glue one cotton ball every day until Christmas Eve.

Then there is also your classic red and green paper chains from yesteryear. Oo and I also saw this cute and inexpensive one made from a mini muffin tin (24 little spaces) by Danielle over at "A few of my favorite things". Link to the craft here. She has the tutorial and the templates.  All you need is a mini muffin tin from the dollar store, a printer, some double stick tape, and a few other odds and ends.  This would be fun to fill with daily activities that have to do with the holidays.

Picture from A few of my favorite things

So do you have any special ways to count down to Christmas Eve?  Let me know! I just love that it's really about building the anticipation and magic for kids of all ages to one of the most special holidays of the year.

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