Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pink Giraffe Earflap Hat

Baby girl things are cute.  Baby girl things inspire me.  Sometimes I am sad I only learned to crochet two years ago, because I could of decked out all three of my girls in the cutest handmade stuff!  Something like this:

My latest crochet creation - the snuggly, warm, baby pink giraffe earflap hat

Isn't that the sweetest thing?  I just made this last week.

Come to think of it, the little girls born in the last few years are so lucky too, with the influx of feminine baby things.  I know it was only 8 short years ago, but I was hard pressed to find any pink baby gear back in 2004.  No pink pack-n-plays, no pink car seats, no pink exersausers nada. We ended up getting dark blue and green plaid everything.  Now I look around and there are pink zebra potty chairs and lavender strollers. What?  Why did manufacturers only realize in 2010 that 50% of the population might want butterflies and flowers on their baby things?  Boo.  Hey, speaking of zebras, have you noticed animal prints are a super hot baby trend? Zebra, Giraffes, Monkeys, and Elephants are everywhere!  I went to the store to find a gift for a friend of mine having a baby girl and I fell in love with the cute Giraffe themed baby clothes... 

I was especially inspired by this adorable wrap blanket...

How cute are those little pink giraffes?  So sweet!!
I only had a day before the baby shower but I thought to myself, I want to make one of my earflap hats, but I want to try and make it a baby pink giraffe!

close up of the tiny giraffe face

I used extra soft pink yarn.  The ear flap pattern I got for free online (the website I used is no longer there, I was going to link to it - I may have to revamp my changes and print up my own version of an ear flap hat, if you are interested).  I did not have a pattern for the giraffe features, so I went searching online for images to inspire me.  I had to hunt around for some rounded ears and I made up the horns.  For the braids I used the two main yarn colors (white and pink) plus added a rose colored darker strand for a braid contrast.  I'm not sure how size translates in these pictures, but this is so small, about a 3-6 month baby head.

This turned out so cute, I almost didn't want to give it away

Once finished it matched the other gift items pretty well.

Baby pink giraffes - stinkin' adorable.

The gift went over well at the baby shower!  There were many "ooo's and ahhh's" as she opened her gift.  I can not wait until her little girl gets here (this December) and I can update you with a picture with a cute baby wearing my sweet lil' giraffe hat.  I also can't wait to try some other colors.  A little baby blue one, or a light yellow one with some brown spots for a "real" giraffe look.

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