Thursday, October 11, 2012

Little Pumpkin Hat

Do you have any lil' pumpkins in your life that need an adorable seasonal hat?  I've rounded up three very cute tutorials that I want to try out this weekend. All are shown in the infant size, but can be easily modified to make one for a child or tween.

I was really drawn to these two crocheted hats because they both use a crochet pattern I have not done before.  I like the way both techniques create a raised ridge that gives the hat a definite pumpkin look.

The first hat is in a great tutorial by Teresa over on her youtube channel Crochet Geek.  She is awesome and I learned to crochet from her.  The best part is she will do a project from start to finish, so you can watch her step by step. She even will do some stitches in slow motion. (Learn beginning crochet stitches from her here)

Adorable pumpkin hat by Teresa.  I think I would make the leaves a greener shade

Check out her tutorial here:

And do not fret if you are left handed.  She's a genius and has a tutorial for you too!
She also has  a written pattern here
This technique uses as front post double crochet to make that raised ridge

The second pattern also makes a cute hat. This is a written pattern for those of you who like following patterns instead. The top has a thinner stem and adorable curly cue vine for added fun.

Another pumpkin hat found over at Fave Crafts (free pattern)

This pattern looks a bit more unusual in the fact that you are making more of a rectangle and Half Double Crocheting (HDC) in the back loops as you make each row.  By doing back loops only and then switching the other direction every row will create the "ribs" of the pumpkin then Slip Stitch (SL) the ends together.  Like I said, I want to to try this one out this weekend.  If you try it let me know how it goes. I really do like the end look though with the raised ridges.  Click here for the free pattern. If you check in the comments section of this pattern you will see tips on how to enlarge this hat, which is done simply but making a longer chain and more rows

If you do not crochet but STILL really want to make a cutie patootie pumpkin hat for your little one, feel free to try my round loom hat tutorial below. Do not use the very small blue loom (only for dolls and preemies).  I show the blue loom in the tutorial but the hat technique will work for any sized loom in the set.  I would start with the red loom (for small kids age 2-5) or the green (tweens and adults).  I would recommend using double yarn - that's 2 skeins of redheart yarn at the same time, in the color orange, for thickness and warmth.  You just hold two strands at the same time as you wrap the "e" wrap.

Part II finishing off and making a pompom can be found here

But for the topper, instead of a pompom, I would recommend some of Teresa's leaves from her you tube video, and maybe a curly cue, which I will teach you very soon.

I can't wait to try these little guys out.  They will make for some lovely photo ops for this upcoming fall season.  You could also make one red for an apple hat, or blue for a blueberry, whatever round fruit you desire.

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