Saturday, July 07, 2012

Trash (talk) - Card Game Walkthrough

My parents went away for a week with my brother and family.  Whilst they were away, my nephew taught them all a new card game.  It was called "Trash".  It was easy to learn, and the most important part here, it was fun for all ages.  It is especially easy for very young kids to play, while learning their numbers at the same time. 

My girls spent the night at Grandma and Papa's house shortly after and were taught how to play.  They came home and immediately taught us how to play.  Here is my four year old who is can count up to 30 but is still learning what the numbers actually look like.  She can play this game no problem.

playing "Trash" with daddy
I had a hard time finding a pictured walk through on line that explained it clearly, so I made you one because the easiest way to learn a card game is to see one round in action! The game is very simple as a whole and once you learn the concepts you will be off and playing a round with your family and friends very quickly. A detailed explanation with pictures can be found below:  

First, get 2 decks of cards and deal everyone 10 cards total, arranging them in two rows of 5 in front of you. 

The rest of the cards not dealt become the "Draw" pile.  On your turn you draw a card from the draw pile.  
Let's say it's a "2"

you place that face up in your "two" holder spot.  

The card that held your two spot (that was face down, underneath, now turn it over, let's say it's a 5) 

It can now be placed in the five holder spot.  

Now we can look at the card that was under the 5 card spot.  It is a ten

You can now place that ten in the 10 holder spot

Now let's look under the ten holder card to reveal another two card.  Because you have already filled up that #2 spot, now your turn is over (discard next to the draw pile) and the next player would draw a card.

But, what if that card had been a King, which is a wild card?

Well it's your lucky day, because you can place that in any numbered spot that has not been turned over yet.  I chose the "one" spot.  (Note: If you end up drawing, in this case, an Ace any time later in this same round, {Aces are ones in this game}, you can replace the wild king with the ace and place the King in a new unturned spot).  Kings rock in this game.  Many a victory has come from over turning one of these bad boys. Now our turn keeps going as we can now look under the 1 spot card

It is an 8.  You continue in the same manner placing it in the 8th spot

When you check the card underneath the 8 spot, it turns out it's a Queen.  A queen (and also a Jack) will stop your turn. Discard the queen and the next player goes.  By the way Aces are "ones" in this game.

The first person to turn over all their cards is the winner of the 1st round.  The other players must keep their unturned cards with them and be dealt the remaining cards to make 10.  However.  The winner is now dealt only 9 cards.  Each time you win you remove a card, so you will have one less than you had in the round before.  (New 6.5.16) I had someone just ask me a question that I thought I would add here.  She asked, what if you have won three rounds and are only dealt seven cards, what happens if you draw a 8, 9, or 10So, they cannot be played and are discarded like the queens and the jacks. You will only be able to play if you draw cards up through 7 for that round.  However many cards you are dealt, you can only go up to that number, anything above that is discarded.

This game can take a while with a bigger group. Options are for each player to take their turn quickly like the game "speed".  The other option is to start with only 8 cards.  The grand finale winner is the one who only starts with one down turned card and gets rid of it.  Ah, sweet victory over your family.  Take that!

By the way, my dad (aka Papa Randy) took the name of this game one step further, and renamed it Trash TALK.  So now it's perfectly okay if mild insults are thrown around to other players while you are playing.  The first time I played this my 4- year-old she was apparently copying Papa because she looked at me,  pointed with both fingers mock aggressively and said, "You are going down baby, down down DOWN", and she meant it.  Other mild insults were you slimy hotdog and, wait for it... STINKY CHEESE! 

My girls quickly got addicted to this game.  I made them some lunch today and then was making some juice by the sink.  When I turned around they had dealt out a round of trash to play during lunch!  No adult even needed.  Wow.

This would be a great game for family reunions, camp outs, retreats, road trip hotels, and summer gatherings when there are many different age groups present. Have fun out there, and don't forget to talk some mild trash while you are playing Trash.


Jeanne said...

ah, love this, Jenn...will be trying it soon...looks like a great game!

Brenda said...

Lol, You are going DOWN!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and explanation of the game! Thanks!!


Nellie said...

Thanks for sharing this. Can't wait to try it in my classroom!

Mom said...

Looks fun! When you win and take a card away, is the hand now 1-9 instead of 1-10 or can it just be whatever number you didn't get?

Jenn said...

Hi Must Run in the Family. I had to check with my niece to confirm because it had been a while since I have played, but she confirmed that when you win, you take away the 10 spot, then the 9, then the 8 and so on. I hope that helps. Have Fun. I think my kids are going to play this game right now.

Unknown said...

thanks for posting this. One thing I don't understand, once you have won and have fewer cards dealt, how do you handle one of the missing cards? Let's say you've won three times, are dealt 7 cards -- what happens when you draw a 8, 9, or 10?

Jenn said...

Hi Sarah. Okay I had to consult my kids to double check because I couldn't remember exactly how it goes. So, if you've won three times and are dealt 7 cards, and you draw a 8, 9, or 10, they cannot be played and are discarded like the queens and the jacks. You will only be able to play if you draw cards up through 7 for that round.

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