Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yes, I speak Preschooler

Don't you agree, all rocks should be covered in colorful chalk?
My youngest is so funny.  She's my little jibber-jabberer.  She can talk your ever-lovin' ear off about almost anything.  Lately, all she can talk about is that she is officially four years old (and after this summer is over), she is going to go to preschool with her new teacher Ms. Cindy and she will be a "big girl".
Out of all my girls she is the one that tries to use the biggest grown up words, things like: actually, beautiful, discovery, wonderful, absolutely, and awesome.  She can tell you a whale shark is the size of a school bus, and snapping shrimp is the loudest animal on earth (thanks Octonauts). Unbeknownst to her, I've been keeping a running list of words on the fridge that she is trying to use correctly but are, for now, adoarably just a tad off.  Let's see if you can speak preschooler as well as I can and guess what she is trying to say:

First:  I'll give you an easy one.  She asks for these almost every day. PINECONES

Yes, I should give her this one, it is so close.  They are even the same pokey oblong shape.  Instead of a coarse spiky cone from a tree though,  what she really wants is some pineapple

Ok, here's the next one.  She wants a bowl of these, sometimes for breakfast and they give her the worst breath ever.  Mommy, can a have a bowl of FUTONS pretty please!!

Does she want a fold down apparatus that is as equally most uncomfortable both as a couch and a bed?  Nope, she wants those tasty garlic salad toppers, otherwise known as croutons.

The breakfast of champions

Ok I like these next ones, she combines a couple of words to make one new word.  Let me just give you the picture and you can try and see what she wants:

Does she want to siphon her morning bowl of cereal through a fishing net??


What she wants is: to watch some shows on demand on Netflix. Preferably Curious George or My Little Pony.

she also knows how to run our TIVO remote perfectly, by the way

I really like this next one too.  Here's another picture.  It always gives me a chuckle when she asks for it:

Hmmmm, sun plus SCREAM.  Mommy, I need SUNSCREAM before I go outside. 

Yup.  She wants some sunscreen.  

This one cracks me up because I suppose if you were to go outside all day long without it, you might indeed be making a lot of sun "scream" later on.

Here's the last one.  She actually combined the words

HAND plus SANITIZER equals.... "Hanitizer"... hey wait a second.  That has got a ring to it.  I really like that one. Hmmm, maybe that one will catch on?  My littler wordsmith preschooler, can't wait to hear what she comes up with next!

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