Saturday, May 05, 2012


It's a bird, it's a plane... it's a ... SUPER MOON!

Hazy red super moon over England in 2011

Ok my nerd side is going to come out here, but I took some astronomy class back in college (that's astronomy the scientific study of stars as opposed to astrology, aka horoscopes) and I was blown away but the amazing details and especially the complexity and size of the universe.  I get all giddy when cool things are happening in the heavens above and I wanted to point out that tonight, May 5th 2012, we will get a chance to see the Perigee moon, otherwise known as the SUPER MOON.  Does it have a red cape and an "S" on it's chest, is it able to leap buildings in a single bound?  Well, no.  BUT it will appear 14% larger than normal, especially when it's low in the horizon.  There is a great explanation of it here: Super Moon

So, if you are able, go outside later tonight and check this phenom out!


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