Monday, April 23, 2012

Homemade pizza and cheesy bread

Thank goodness for Pinterest!  With it I have found the perfect fail-proof pizza dough recipe from Lauren over at Lauren's Latest.  She is a genius.  She has a play by play of an easy pizza dough/cheesy bread stick recipe using a stand mixer, along with great pictures of all the steps.  I highly recommend that you try this recipe out, because with it, you can make the following:

Yes beautiful ooey gooey cheesy pizza-ie goodness.  Once you have Lauren's perfect dough completed, gather your favorite sauces and toppings, and you can go to town making whatever kind of pizza you like.  This one above was a Canadian bacon and pepperoni, one of my favorites.  It is always a bonus if you have adorable pizza topping helpers to assist you along the way.  One warning though, they eat more cheese then they put on the actual pizza...

 We also tried my hubby's favorite, the "Hawaiian" (Canadian Bacon & Pineapple), which as most of you know is what I consider to be an "abomination", due to fruit blatantly consorting unabashedly with meat

Both these pizzas turned out absolutely delicious (had to take hubby's word on the Hawaiian).  We bought some non-expensive simple pizza pans (from Walmart) with small holes in the bottom that came in a 2-pack of sizes that made the crust both crispy on the bottom, but still with a great texture in the middle.

I think what turned out possibly the best and thus, the closest to a restaurant style item was the amazing cheesy bread sticks recipe that Lauren posted about in the same post with garlic, butter and cheese.  We tried it, and can attest it came together so easy and was amazing! 

Crispy, crunchy, and great flavor with that garlic butter base.  We cut this up and dipped in in some extra pizza sauce and it was a hit with everyone!  So if you have never attempted your own crust before, you should give this one a whirl!  I personally love when a recipe has been tested by a few people, so I know that it actually works and tastes great.  Next I might try a BBQ chicken pizza or one of those bacon chicken artichoke pizzas that are all the rage.  Now, go and get your Italian on then come back and tell me Grazie for finding Lauren's rockin' dough.

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