Sunday, September 29, 2019

Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats

We've been experimenting lately on our Rice Krispie treats folks! Besides dyeing the marshmallows fun colors, we've also tried adding chocolate chips, fruity pebbles, cake mix, you name it. My youngest loves anything peanut butter and chocolate together. She love Reese's peanut butter cups, Reese's Pieces, hey if it's got peanut butter and chocolate in it, she's all over it.  Well I was thinking about making a Reese's Peanut butter flavored rice Krispie treat.  

Now there are a ton of recipes out there, like Scotcheroos that have peanut butter and butterscotch in the treats and a thick layer of chocolate on the top, or peanut butter rice krispies with chocolate drizzled over the top, but BOTH of those are messy.  What I wanted was the peanut butter and chocolate INSIDE the Rice Krispie treat together... living in harmony... sharing the marshmallow-y goodness and easy to transport if necessary.

Chocolate Peanut butter Rice Krispie Treats!
You will need the following:

1 bag of Marshmallows (I used 21 oz campfire square marshmallows)
9 cups of Rice Krispie cereal
1/2 stick of butter
3/4 cup peanut butter
1/2 bag of chocolate chips (about 1 cup)
9x13 pan (grease with butter or cooking spray) 

Start by spraying your large bowl with a bit of cooking spray.  Add in 9 cups of Rice Krispie cereal.

I use my biggest bowl to hold all the Krispie goodness.
Here's the deal with the original Krispie recipe. If you do the recipe on the box (with the 6 cups of Krispies and a 9x13 pan) you get these thin, measly treats.  I like a Krispie treat you can hold onto and keeps it shape in a big ol' square - hence the 9 cups of Krispies.

In a pot on the stove, melt 1/2 stick of butter, 3/4 cup peanut butter, and the 1 cup of chocolate chips.

Melt the good stuff with the butter!
Slowly while stirring until they are all combined.

If heaven had a smell, it might be this...
Add in marshmallows and stir until melted together.

These are the 21 oz square campfire marshmallows (minus a few my kids ate)
If you are using a regular 12 0z bag of marshmallows I'd do a bag and a half of those.  

Bring the chocolate peanut butter mixture from the bottom and fold over the marshmallows.

Ooo  yum.
Stir on medium heat until an ooey gooey mess.

Eventually you will get a pretty smooth chocolate lava concoction.

These are a few of my favorite things...
Add this molten mixture carefully in to waiting bowl of 9 cups of Krispies

Spraying this bowl with a little cooking spray before you add the Krispies will save you a ton of clean up time later
Stir quickly until combined.

Soon you will have a beautiful sticky mess of cereal and yummy-ness.
Pour this mixture in to prepared (greased) 9x13 pan

Nothing is more satisfying the globing this big hunk of deliciousness and thunking it down in a pan.
I used to get my hands greasy with a little butter on them to pat down the Krispie treats, but I've learned if you run your hand under cold water, shake them off, then press down the treats with your cool hands it works just the same, and you're less greasy afterwards (easier to clean up on you) 

Chocolate Peanut butter Krispie Treats for dayz!
Let cool (probably the toughest part of this recipe).

Cut into thick squares and be prepared to be taken away to Peanut butter chocolate Krispie heaven!

Delicious, chewy, peanut butter chocolate Reese's flavored Rice Krispie Treats
These were so good the first time, we made them for a gathering of friends shortly after and they were gone within minutes.

Reach through the screen and grab this one for yourself!
 These travel great, and all also awesome for school lunches, pot lucks, you name it. 

Chewy, ooey, gooey... totally hits the spot!

This were a fabulous twist on a well-loved classic. Try them and let me know what you think.

Yes please!


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