Monday, August 27, 2018

Easy Ham Egg and Cheese Cups

When life gives you an extra dozen eggs, you make... lemonade?  Well, close, you make something for dinner with eggs of course.  Something new, but quick and easy (preferably), and so you suddenly remember one of those cooking videos that fly by on Facebook every once in a while and you think yes, I am going to TRY that tonight! This recipe couldn't be any easier, with three main ingredients and some seasonings to taste. Make them for breakfast before school!  Make them for dinner! I give you: Ham, Egg, and Cheese cups.

Ham, cheese and egg cups, a quick easy breakfast or a super fast dinner!

You will need (brace yourself here)
Shredded cheese
Muffin pan (greased with cooking spray)
Salt/Pepper/Seasoned salt
Parsley (optional) 

Muffin tin pan, greased
Place slices of ham (we had thin sliced lunch meat) in the bottom of a greased muffin tray. I only did one slice this first time out, Next time I will use bigger pieces or maybe 2 pieces of ham

The girls thought these looked like flowers.  Next time I'll add two pieces to make a slightly larger holder for the egg
Sprinkle some shredded cheddar cheese in the bottom of the ham cups.

Then crack one egg in each muffin space

The eggs filled the muffin cup all the way to the top, luckily they stayed in place

Season with salt, pepper or seasoning salt

I wasn't sure if these would be well liked, so we just made a few to try out the first time
Bake for 12-15 minutes.

That's it!

(Note the video stated 15 minutes, which left us with almost solid yokes, while reading the printed recipe said 12-15 minutes).  Next time I will back off the time a few minutes to get a slightly runnier center.  

Baked ham egg and cheese cups

Add a sprinkle of parsley to make it loo fancy... and there you have it. 

Pop these babies out of the muffin tin and plate up with some biscuits and fruit.

Pretty and delicious! Not to mention low carb and keto friendly too if you eat them alone.

I was surprised even my child that is not that crazy about eggs ate this and asked for a second one! 

The ham baked up nicely into a thin, crispy "shell" around the edge, and it tasted very much like prosciutto.

15 minutes was a little too long for our liking but the flavors were great. Next time 12 or 13 minutes I'm thinking.
This was so easy the kids want to make it by themselves next time, so that's a big win win for us.  Besides being great for breakfast or a quick dinner, these would also be great if you are cooking for a crowd.  Just pop in several muffin trays and you could be cooking a dozen breakfasts at once!  Enjoy!

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