Friday, April 01, 2016

Poo Emoji Cupcakes

Ever have one of those weeks at work?  Nothing is going right and entire systems crash?  That's what happened to us at work two weeks ago, as we ended up having a catastrophic server crash lost a ton of emails, and a ton of needed information.  We were having a rare group meeting the following week and I wanted to bring something to lighten everyone's spirits.  I just happened to see these float past on Pinterest and thought, not only were these the perfect hilarious treat, but they should become the new temporary company mascot. I give you: Poo Emoji cupcakes.

Poo Emoji cupcake stares back at you in silence
What's not to love about these adorable faces?  (however disturbing)

Poo Emoji cupcakes - What you lookin' at?

To start off, I simply made a bevy of devil's food cupcakes.  I was pleased that although the batter was a lighter brown, they baked up a nice darker "realistic" color.

Devil's food seems to be a perfect base for these particularly "naughty" treats
After letting them cool I found my Wilton round 2A tip.

Gotta love Wilton
Due to time, we ended up using store bought frosting for this, but you are free to use whatever frosting you wish.  {Side note: This led to a very interesting conversation I had with my 11-year-old at the store. As we were perusing the different frosting types, I leaned close and whispered "which one of these looks most like a poo color".  Ha.  Well she picked the darker of the two, if you want to know the answer.}  Also, I had to shush my 8-year-old for asking REALLY loudly... "MOM, are you going to make extra poop cupcakes for US?!", which got me a couple of side glances from some moms standing near by.

Frosting in the piping bag, ready to go.  The round tip will help make the rounded-edged piles we need.
I filled up the larger piping bag with some frosting and away we went.  

Can you believe this was my first one?  It went down hill a tiny bit after this, then I started improving again.
It took a couple of tries to get the frosting to sit up in a little mound like I wanted.  A few YouTube videos helped in that area.  I was able to buy these little candy eyes, which saved a lot of time!

The "eyes" have it
 I tried to place eyes as soon as the frosting was down.

It's crazy how two little eyes add so much expression to these piles of frosting!!

Soon I had a small army of poo emojis.

No one is safe - from the poo emoji army!

This particular one cracked me up the most.  I didn't quite get the formation right, plus his eyes were off.  I call this one "Derpy Poo".

Hi, I'm Derpy Poo.  Nice to meet ya!
After that I needed to get them to my location at the office meeting so I put them in my cupcake carrier.  This would make a nice laptop wallpaper, no?

Poo Emoji Cupcakes: They get cuter, the longer you look at them
So one of the funniest things that happened is on the 10 min drive to the office.  The frosting piles started to slide around a bit, towards the edge of the cupcake.  Not all of them mind you, just a few - and it made them look, how shall we say, even MORE realistic?  

After arriving at the office, I had placed them on a special tower in the center of the goodie table for full effect.  Don't they look majestic this way?

Poo emojis need their own theme song I think
You can see a close up of a few of the poo skids below... but thankfully, my emoji warrior at the top of the tower stood firm!

The poo emoji tower of justice

Needless to say, they were a big hit at the office meeting!  A few co-workers screamed with glee as they came around the corner and seeing the emoji poos for the first time.   Here one is now, nestled amongst the "regular" offerings:

Don't mind me.  Fruit n' poo cakes go together!
I thought today (April 1st) of ALL days, would be the perfect day to celebrate a wacky treat that made a BIG impact on those who got to see them first hand. I can definitely see these might be a big hit with boys for some reason, an emoji birthday party would work too. Teenagers, kids, and yes, even grown ups found these hysterical.  Whip up a batch for someone you love soon.  Enjoy!

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