Monday, September 15, 2014

One Million Views!!!

Well... we did it.  I just crossed over the one MILLION view mark for my blog!  Very exciting stuff!  Thank you to everyone and anyone who has clicked and enjoyed a recipe, a funny story, or both!!... and  to those of you that helped my Extra Creamy Mac n' Cheese recipe go mini viral, I THANK YOU!  A big shout out to pinterest can't hurt either.  Before they changed their policies, anyone with a good recipe (not just the bloggers with millions of followers) could have a chance for people to find their recipe and pass it along.  Here's to hoping they change it back to that again one day.  ONE MILLION VIEWS!  ONE MILLION VIEWS!!

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions for me.  Full of extreme highs (like 1 million views) AND extreme lows.  It started out a few weeks ago. I had clicked on my blog link as usual (I  knew I was only a few thousand hits away from the one million mark, which is so exciting), when I could not find my blog.  Could.  Not. Find it.  Nothing came up at the link but a 1-page ad.  For a second I thought my entire blog had been deleted.  I was shaking. In a tearful panic, and after some frantic searching, I found out my blog was still intact and my posts were all there on blogger, only the domain I had been pointing to for the last year and a half (and every single link to my blog on pinterest or Google search) was broken.  At one time at the height of my creamy mac n cheese recipe viral-ness, I was receiving almost 8000 hits a day!  Now, with my links broken, just a few hundred.  Then I found out some one had bought up my domain name...and wanted money for me to buy it back!

I'm not going to lie.  I was heart broken.  It felt like extortion. Matter of fact I didn't even come check on my blog or make any new posts since the day this happened.  I was so close to 1 million views and now it was so sad to see hardly any daily hits. People are going to be looking for my Mac n cheese recipes and how to make sprinklers out of a 2-liter bottles, and won't be able to find me.  In all honesty, it was my fault (and I feel so stupid) for not renewing my domain name early.  I had no idea that people were waiting to buy up expired domain names, it's a hard lesson to learn.  I am basically "digitally ruined" if I can't get my domain name back. Now here I am, in a bidding war for my own blog domain name, and I feel like it's kind of negotiating with cyber "terrorists".  I'm trying to figure out how my small time, little ol' me blog had a big enough of a traffic target for someone to buy my domain name out from under me in an attempt to sell it back to me. I will keep you posted on the negotiations.  In the meantime, I have purchased and will start to post under that domain for now.  

Even after all of that tragedy, I still managed to hit that 1 million views mark this week anyway!!. Which is a cause for celebration!!

That's a ton of people!!  I just wanted to say thank you to anyone that has found a good recipe here, a funny mom story, or made a fun craft with their kids.  Here is to many more years of blogging hilarity and recipe attempts.

Thank you so much


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