Friday, December 20, 2013

Last Minute Homemade Gift

This week I wanted to do something extra nice for some people that work in an office.  There are six gals that work there, and they did something so nice for our family that I wanted to show my appreciation.  I asked them to tell me each what their favorite color was to wear (in hopes I could whip up some quick decorative scarves) and deliver them in time for Christmas.  I finished them up just last night and in the process, revisited an easy crochet pattern from last year and put a little twist on it I thought I'd share with you.

Fluffy waffle scarves in a variety of colors
Last year I had called this the "Quick 2-hour fluffy scarf", because it literally takes under two hours to make one.  The reason these work up so quick is because you use Thick and Quick chunky yarn and a huge over sized "N" hook. Here is a link to the post on it, and here is a picture of the scarf.

This thick and chunky yarn made for a super soft, warm scarf.  This time around I wanted to still use a soft and fluffy yarn, but much thinner, so the scarf would be more decorative. I stuck with lion brand but this time used their "Homespun" yarn.

This stuff is SOOO soft!  I often comment that it feels like "I'm crocheting a muppet".  It is a lot thinner than the original thick and chunky stuff, and it works up more fine and airy.  The trick is I was using pretty loose stitches and still using my trusty "N" crochet hook.  Man I love this "N" hook.  I found one with a smooth bamboo handle and it makes things move quickly.

I wanted to make this scarf long enough so that it could be doubled up in half and pulled through, so it could look more like a cowl if the owner wanted.  My link to the original scarf is the same pattern I used here, but to make it longer, I loosely chained 130 stitches.  Chain 4 at the end, then skipping the first chain, DC in the next chain.  Chain one, skip one chain and DC.  It's a pattern you do across the whole scarf to get that waffle effect.

This yarn is so light and fluffy that when you actually put it on, it collapses on itself and looks like a much more complicated pattern than it actually was.

I love that out of 6 women, they each picked their own individual colors
I am very happy how these turned out! Some days I actually made two of these in a row to try and get finished by their Christmas party today.  So by keeping the same pattern and large hook, but using a thinner, softer yarn, you can change if you are making the scarf for warmth or more decorative. Here is the link one more time on the how to to make a scarf like this.  Here is also a link to the original pattern I followed.  Now off to deliver my Christmas cheer...

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