Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Little Drum Cake

Well I have been so busy lately.  My oldest daughter turned 9 last week and I have been so occupied planning and throwing her music birthday party extravaganza this weekend (will post soon, wait til you see my grand piano cake), I haven't had time to even share what I've been up to.  You see, her real birthday was on a Monday night and we had a small family party featuring her favorite meal (spaghetti) and a small cake.  Keeping with the "music" theme we were going to do later in the week I thought it would be fun to have a drum cake!

The idea came to me rather last minute, but compared to my other, more complex birthday cake creations this shape was going to be easy... ROUND!  I made our favorite banana cake recipe in two round pans and froze them the day before (which makes them easier to frost and work with), and turned them out onto my serving board.

Wish you could smell it here, this recipe really fills the room with a nice banana scent
Some of these pics are a little dark, I was doing this after she had gone to bed as a surprise.  First I slathered a layer of frosting on the bottom layer of cake.

Next I added the 2nd layer of cake.  Sometimes it is good idea to flip one of the cakes over, to help make a more even top surface.

Then I knew I wanted this drum to be an aqua blue, her favorite color, so with a little wax paper tucked underneath the sides of the bottom of the cake, I spread on a layer of blue frosting

I used the neon food dye colors to get this bright aqua color

I tried to make this side frosting come all the way up to the edge of the cake

After that I knew I wanted the surface of the drum to be pure white.  I wanted to make sure that when I got close to an edge, I tried to "connect" the white frosting up to touching where the blue frosting was.

As you can see, it was not perfect.  Matter of fact I frosted this whole cake in about an hour.  I wanted to cover up the places where the white met the blue.  I looked high and low for one of my flat Wilton tips, but could not find them.  In a pinch I used a simple round tip (a little larger, maybe a 10 or a 12) and used a complimentary color of pink to add some detail and dimention to the cake.  By going slow and pressing slightly in, I was able to give a nice edge to the cake.

To make it more "drum like" I also piped some ribs down the side of the drum. To make the ribs even I mentally divided the drum like a clock. I piped a rib at 12, 3, 6, and 9.  Then I went back and piped I rib between each of those. For added effect, I added blue MnM's to help cover where the joints met and it added a nice finished look to my little snare drum.

The only thing you need after that is some "drum sticks"  At first I was going to use large rod pretzels, then last minute thought that these fancy Pirouette cookies might be a bit more tasty AND, of course, adorable.

The next morning, she woke up to see her surprise drum cake and was very pleased!

What she DIDN'T know is that later that night... we had another BIG surprise for her... A REAL set of drums.  She has been wishing for these (and lessons) for over a year.  I LOVE her face here!

She was thrilled!

My happy little drummer girl!

So the last minute drum cake turned out to be a big hit... and fit with our music theme perfectly. 

 The only tough decision was: Do I eat the drum sticks, or play them?

We went with eat this one time.  She is starting her first lesson this week... I will keep you posted when she turns into a famous drummer girl.


Brenda said...

How do you get the wax paper from under the cake without messing up the frosting?

Jenn said...

I cut the wax paper into small thin strips, about 2-3 inches across. I usually make four, and I only slip them under the very edge of the cake and not too far under, otherwise when you pull them out, it will pull some of the cake out with it. Also freezing the cake makes them a little firmer and easier to pull out. The other thing I discovered is a simple piping bag. Either small dots, or in this case, a line of frosting around the base of the cake that coves up where the cake meets the serving tray. I literally pipe half on the cake, half on the serving tray. It really covers it up great.

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