Thursday, June 13, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gift - One Smart Cookie

Well it's the last few days of school for us and I realize we still need an extra quick thank you from the girls to their wonderful teachers this year.  Our homemade ice cream as a gift was a BIG hit before the Christmas break, but they wanted to try something different this time.  We have already purchased one of the teachers a very special book they had been wanting, but I thought something else with a homemade touch would be nice.  Also I thought it would be more thoughtful if it was something the girls could help contribute to.  We LOVE baking so I came across this cute free printable on Pinterest and thought I'd pass it along.

Idea, label picture, and adorable free printable from Iris over at her blog: Sweet Metel Moments
All you need is your favorite cookie recipe (I think we are opting for the easy toll house one on the back of the bag of chocolate chips) and a small box or container of some kind.  We will have a fun time baking them up this afternoon and pre-wrapping them in a plastic bag before placing them in the paper container.  Here is a link to the free printable (it will print three on one page of card stock)  Click here for link to the free printable:

Picture from Iris' blog -Sweet Metel Moments - by the way, these printed up beautifully!
Also here is a tip for getting these to print correctly (Found in the comment section of her blog after some people had some of the words not turn out correctly).  First, don't just print from the open file from the website, but save the pdf to your computer.  Next go open your adobe reader program and open the saved file, then hit print.  Cut it out, attach a pretty ribbon and you've got yourself a lovely little last minute gift of homemade gratitude.

Update:  Here's what we came up with for packaging.  We found these adorable boxes at the Dollar Tree.  It happened to be in the same shade of teal green that was on the border of the cookie printable.  I also found some matching teal ribbon in the Dollar Tree craft section (there was only one, I took it as a sign from God).

Just by making this teacher gift YOU become the "smart cookie"
I like how the cream color in the bottom of the box sort of matches the light brown shade of the cookies inside the word "cookies". Cute cute cute.  Alright, now I'm off to bake to fill these babies up.

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Iris {Sweet Metel Moments} said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and sharing my free printable! I absolutely loved your packaging and presentation, I'm sure the teachers loved their thoughtful gift! Have a blessed day!

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